Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Last night the local small group of South African Quilters, the Kwetterkwilters, met. I was there about a month ago, sharing some of the items I have collected and traded made with Peltex/Timtex/Fast2Fuse….  Postcards, Twinchies and 4x4’s. (I did a post about it here).
I gave each of the ladies a 4” x 6” piece of Peltex, 2 sided fusible to make something… and they chose to make a postcard. We all agreed to meet back last night and share our works of ART. Let me just say WOW!!! They got it in a big way!
After dinner, I shared something I should have taken last month  …. my postcard box. I keep all kinds of little things in there to make postcards…. novelty fabrics, ribbons, buttons, trinkets and findings. I think I may have started something!!!
I knew that I was going to make each one a postcard, when I left last month. So took those out to share and one more that I put in the mail today. I asked them to pick one and address it to themselves. So when I get back to the US…. I will mail them out.
One of the ladies has seen some prototype Luggage Tags I was playing with… and suggested that I bring those. I used Peltex in those too. I didn’t like them so I redesigned them and did these. Along with a couple of mini-tags to put on personal equipment… or other things that you want to mark. These all started because we don’t have any current tags for our luggage… and I left my laminator in storage and that is how I used to keep up with the changes.
So as I wrapped up last night, the ladies had a surprise for me. They had made ‘Twinchies’ for ME!!! They are so cute! It was a super WONDERFUL surprise and will now have to make a box out of them too.
The ladies had so much fun making the postcards that several expressed a desire to swap postcards. So does anyone else want to join a small Postcard Swap? (edit: the swap won't begin until January, so if you are interested, please leave a comment or send me an email)
More Later- Beth


  1. Beth, I would love to do a postcard. I have never done one and would need instruction or I suppose I could find something online about them. Count me in!

  2. Sure! You know I'm crazy about postcards! How fun that you started a postcard addiction with a new group!! They're supremely satisfying!! Great tags too? Does this mean you'll be moving back to the states soon? Hubby too, I hope?

  3. I never done a postcard in my life and have absolutely no clue on how to make them. But hey - I like a good challenge so count me in. I only hope I don't have to make a ton of them though ;-)
    Just love the tags. Not that we travel very much or own more than 4 suitcases.....but they are sweet nevertheless.

  4. Wow oh wow! Those luggage tags are bee-u-ti-ful! And you get to use them soon!

  5. I would love to participate, but I'm too far behind to be swapping anything new. -- Keep me in mind for the next swap?

  6. Hiya! What a great idea I'll give it a go :-D I'd also like to link this post to the Africa Bursting Out Blog...I can't see how to do this from your blog... :-( Maybe you could tell me how?
    Cheers Sylvie

  7. Hi Beth, I have come across this blog via the Kwetterkwilters, Laetitia. So, I am in! :-)


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