Saturday, October 15, 2011

More on Kruger

After I loaded the last Kruger update… I remembered that I didn’t finish with the birds or some of the flowers!!! I also forgot the elephants….

There aren’t too many places where you are allowed to get our of your car in the park, but there is a bridge over the Olifants River where you can get out. I make it a point to always get out and see what is going on in and around the river. Today there were elephant herds on both sides. I caught these three walking in the water. I watched the little one in the middle play in the water before they started their walk. Down on the other side of the bridge… one of the elephants was trumpeting.


We did see lion too, well sort of…. This is what we saw…. See that little puff on the end of the tail and the hip… yep it’s a lion.


It is summer here, early yet… the daytime temperatures are in the mid 80’s and the nights are cooler in the 50’s. So the animals are resting in the heat of the day.

cr-guinea-fowThe birds we saw were not very exotic… of course the ever present Helmeted Guinea Fowl, with their bright blue heads and polka dotted feathers.

Francolin-JuvA young Francolin, I only took the picture because he stood so still for so long…









And another bird… the Kori Bustard. Very interesting looking birds… cr-kori-bustard

The flowers were weird… and funny that I haven’t seen them before. One of the things I have noticed about the plants here… Some bloom in the spring and some in the summer and yet there are others that bloom in the winter. Also, some have leaves that fall off at the beginning of summer, rather than in the fall…. So here we are in summer, before the rains really begin and I saw lots of flowering plants.

There were lots of branches on this shrub… but only this one flower. I think it resembles a zucchini flower.



cr-bush-flowerThen there was this plant with it’s very interesting flowers.

And last but not least…. one more flower. I think it resembles an asterisk!


Hope you enjoyed more from Kruger. Later- Beth


  1. What an amazing place! I have to admit that I am really happy to see the elephant photo. Just a short time until you are in the States for a visit?

  2. Great photos. I miss the wildlife.

  3. I'm loving those birds! And the elephants are just wonderful.


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