Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Somebody around here has been doing a lot of work.

The photo in the header is how the pond looked in June. See all those cattails on the edges? Too many can kill a pond. They steal oxygen from the water and hold silt and crud and generally muck things up. The edge of the pond only has a few cattails left and all the weeds have been cut down too. We can see the edge of the pond all the way around. No new picture to show that. We have some monster fish in that little pond. Largest caught has been a bass about 4 pounds, (released to be caught another day), but there appears to be some bigger ones too. I watched a bass the other night come up and take a resting dragonfly for his dinner! This is how the pond looked a few weeks ago, even more, cattails have been cut down.

The pasture was also overgrown. Well not really if we had an animal out there. The field grasses are healthy and just what a horse or cow would eat while grazing the day away. Of course, we would still have to supplement with hay if we didn't want it eaten to the roots. But it has been mown.

We have chickens in the chicken coop and at least 2 have names. We had some help, from our very young real estate agent. When we were looking at the place, I told him if we bought it he could pick out a chicken and name it. So today was the day. He picked a chicken and named her Lucy. I put a leg ring on her so he could always tell which one is his Lucy. Next time he comes out, we'll see if she lays an egg.

Behind the house and chicken coop, we have a forest. Fairly thick with trees, but very little underbrush. We also, now, have a path into the woods, that leads to a little 'hunting shack'.

While all this outside work was being done I have been working on the inside. Love to tell you that I have been decorating and putting things in their new places, but nope. Cleaning. Lots of cleaning. We are waiting for the remodeling estimates to come in, to make a decision on the contractor and then it will be a mess for a little longer... before we can really move in. In the meantime, I keep finding things that need lots more cleaning!!!

So, now you are caught up... on some of the doings around here. A little more to most of the story, but unfortunately not enough time to tell everything. Need to start noting every few days the doings in the country!!!

Thanks for checking in... more later!


  1. Looks lovely. I would hide away in the little cabin and be perfectly happy.

  2. That cabin looks cute. You've been busy. Hey, we finally have locusts in our area. We found some a week or so after you left.


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