Saturday, June 20, 2009

3 days and counting...

I am supposed to be preparing for a vacation. But a 12 hour power outage has thrown a bit of curve in the preparations!!!! It's amazing how much we depend on electricity in our daily lives. I spent last evening reading email and surfing a bit of the Internet (Nexrad Satellite weather maps) on the cell phone (iPhone -old one) and doing a little old fashioned book reading.

Of course without electricity there wasn't any air conditioning, but behind the storm was much cooler weather, so it was windows open for keeping cool. But the downside to that is, every little noise outside makes the dog... BARK, (it's a big bark).

Well since I'm behind... for the day before I even had coffee... I'm off to get started. I have a full agenda... packing, cleaning, and sewing.

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