Sunday, June 28, 2009

Land of a 1000 Hills

Todays morning picture looks much like yesterday morning.
6-28 sunrise
However, the picture at the end of the day was a little different.
Today we went to Phe Zulu, a wild animal park/compound. We met up with another couple, Carl & Brenda for this little adventure. This is a Wild Animal Park, a little less grandiose than San Diego’s Wild Animal Park, but much more wild than a petting zoo.
It is on Zulu land, called Land of 1000 Hills. Phe Zulu 1000 hills We were introduced to Zulu culture via a little skit about courting and marriage. There was a story, some drumming and some dancing. We were given a small tour of a village, the huts and functions of the family members. Here is a picture of the chief, inside the Chiefs Hut.
Zulu girl Zulu Dancer Zulu Bride
Next we got into a Safari Jeep that seats 10 tourists, and set off with Tim our Guide. The road was a very rutted one lane Jeep track. On the tour we saw Water Buffalo, Springbok, Blesbuck, Impala, Zebra, Giraffe, and a Kingfisher. zebra KingfisherThe weather started to turn cold and very blustery. Our next stop was the Crocodile and Reptiles. I didn’t get any pictures of these… but I did really see anything photo worthy? One scaly lumpy toothy creature looks just like another… Tim, the guide brought out a couple of snakes… a black mamba, a puff adder and a spitting Mozambique cobra and let the audience members wanting to… hold a brown house snake, which I did.
After that we had lunch… crocodile and Springbok. The offer a feature, of eating with the Crocodiles, and Brenda and I would have done it, but it was just too cold outside. You really sit at a table with croc’s at your feet while you eat. You finish, you get a certificate. If we go back… we will!!!
When we left the Phe Zulu rain drops started to fall and we had some hit or miss rain on the way back. Once back, the ocean looked a lot like Lake Michigan on a cold and windy day, big choppy whitecaps and large waves.

choppy seas 6-28

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  1. Beth, I've seen some of your pictures on Pickle Road in the past. You may be an amature but your photos are wonderful. Looks like you are having the time of your life. Enjoy your trip and come back with some exotic fabrics.


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