Monday, June 22, 2009

Time is getting short....

Ok, today is for tying up all the loose ends.

Axel 'the monster dog'-
day 4 b

is going to the kennel, with a stop at the vets for a months worth of food and a stop at Petsmart for a regular E-collar. He has some major allergies, one of which is mold and with all the rain in the north eastern part of Illinois.... mold is in the air. So he is worrying his feet.

Making sure that the cat, Spaz -day 8
has all the things he will need...(the pet/house sitter came by yesterday for final instructions and key), clean litter, food and water.

Checking that all the stuff outdoors is either nailed down or put away, so that it won't interfer with the mowing crew,


last but not least my visit with the Chiropracter and massage therapist.... (which is done).

I still have to finish filling the suitcases and a little light house keeping before I leave, but I think it's all under control.

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