Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Yesterday and Today

This morning as all morning so far dawned clear and bright. I waited a bit, before taking the morning photo. Looks very much like yesterdays. About the only things that change is how far out the cloud bank is, (it doesn’t come ashore) and the boats waiting for port entry. I asked my DH yesterday if the boats ever go the other way? They are mostly heading south, toward the Cape, but yesterday and today, most of them were going the other way, north…. Don’t know why.

Todays view: This MorningYesterdays view: Sunrise 6-29

I watched them bring in the shark net yesterday.There are sharks in the water here!!!

Shark Net

Yesterday and today were pretty similar. In the morning I walked along the promenade and the beach. Again intending to play in the tide pools, but the tide was high so the pools were unavailable. The surf was up again today as was the wind. I took some pictures of the waves crashing today.

Pounding Surf 2

Exploding Surf

and a gull in flight

Soaring Gull in South Africa
Yesterday, Brenda called and said she and her friend, Verna were running up to the La Lucia area. As the crow flies it’s only about 4 or 5 miles, but there is a very large freeway between here and there. There is a very large western type mall that just opened in April. Lots of shops, eateries and a movie theater! We just drove around it and made our way to a nearby fabric shop. No cottons or 'African Fabrics', but I did find a nice print of the “Big 5” plus the leopard -that may become a quilt. After that we stopped at the grocery in a smaller mall. Here the grocery does not stand alone. It is also in the mall. It is strange to be walking through an indoor mall and see grocery carts rolling down the middle. The grocery stores of course aren’t nearly as large… but they sure do have lots to choose from. I didn’t really get to explore, since I was with others… It was larger than our neighborhood groceries… and it would have been fun to look at more choices of products.

This afternoon I stayed in. I had intended to walk up to the village and explore some more of the shops. But the wind looked fierce and I wasn’t in the mood to overheat and then cool down too much, as it happens when the wind blows like this. This is winter here, although it is very similar to winter in San Diego, minus the rain. Warm in the sun and very cool in the shade. Although by looking at the construction crew building the new tower next door… You would think they are experiencing a Chicago winter, all bundled up, long sleeves and caps under their hardhats! The wind is cool but certainly not cold.

Tomorrow I will go to the village and get my nails done and maybe get some better black sandals. The American Consulate here is having a huge 4th of July party on Thursday and has invited all the local dignitaries and government officials. I have been invited, sort of. More like pressed into service. I get to be a greeter/conversationalist to keep the guests circulating. Guess I’m glad I packed something nice!!! I am going to take a camera… Not that I will know of whom I am taking pictures of, but just in case there is something/one interesting. The grounds are supposed to be spectacular.


  1. Your water shots are beautiful! I think the 4th of July party sounds exciting. You will be a great help to keep the conversation going. I'm sure the residents get tired of talking to the same people. A new face will be welcome! Have fun and be safe!

  2. Okay... Have read and re-read all your posts.. loved them... ready for more... Tell your husband... need more posts too!! How am I going to fall asleep at night with out reading the next installment of "The Adventures of B & F...in S Africa"? So get on with it...


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