Friday, June 26, 2009

A Walk on the Beach

Last night we went to dinner at a small Italian restaurant and sat outside. It was almost a mistake… the wind picked up and really shoved a lot of folks in doors. We stuck it out, and it was nice after the patio heaters were turned on. We ordered and split a green salad, based on the waiters’ suggestion. Good thing we did. It definitely was a salad large enough for 2. The salad was greens, goat cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes, slices of red/yellow peppers and some julienned carrots with a V&O dressing. For the main course I had a tuna, pancetta, caper with penne pasta dish. I would love to tell you the name of it, but I don’t remember. It was very good and light. Huge capers, not quite berry size, but large enough to stab with a fork.
The apartment (flat) is very nice. It is furnished in a very modern style, but very bright and full of natural light. It is on the second level, so not so high up. That is a much higher rent district. I need to remember to take a photo of the sea each morning because Durban is a shipping port so every morning there are ships, barges and other vessels waiting their turn to enter the port. I have only seen them go from east to west. waves and a ship
I took a walk on the Promenade this morning until I found a set of stairs down to the beach. I walked along the beach looking for shells or other beach memorabilia. One of the first things I found on the beach was a shell, actually it not just a shell it’s a “natural heart in nature”.
heart in nature
The beach has a line of rocks, hence the name ‘The Rocks at Umhlanga’ and the light house to warn the ships Beverly Hills Hotel of the rocks. One other item of note… the hotel on the far right of the lighthouse is called ‘The Beverly Hills Hotel’.I took several shots of the ocean and waves crashing because I know my sister misses it too. breakers
crashing wave

On my walk this morning I also saw a crab, bird and a butterfly.
crab bird ; butterfly Not the best images… but I am going to have to get used to the angle of the sun.

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